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1961 (est.) – 30 January 2012

Article from Edinburgh Zoo

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Assessing the development of a cognitive research programme and chimpanzee introductions in a zoo

We examined four main topics with captive chimpanzees:

  • Welfare
  • Cognition
  • Public engagement with science
  • Animal management (behavioural predictors)

A portion of the project was filmed by the BBC for the documentary, Natural World The Chimpcam Project (originally broadcast in 2010).

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Origins of Us

Watch Betsy Herrelko discuss the new group of Budongo Trail chimpanzees and social intelligence with Dr Alice Roberts on the new series Origins of Us.

Originally broadcast: 31 October 2011 @ 9pm on BBC2

Available online at Amazon


The Chimpcam Project

Originally broadcast: 27 January 2010 @ 8pm on BBC2

Available online in a series of clips on YouTube